Star Trek NCC-1701 Long Sleeved T Shirt

Show your allegiance to the Federation with this Trekkie shirt!

Star Trek NCC-1701 Long Sleeved T Shirt

Currently Unavailable

This subtle long sleeved Star Trek T Shirt allows you to show your allegiance to the Federation without waving it everyone's face. With the USS Enterprise command logo on the front and NCC-1701 on the back. The black T Shirt has contrasting stitching along the seams, to show which division you are in - Gold for Command, Blue for Science and Red for Operations/Engineering. Made from 100% polyester you can be comfortable whilst waving that Trekkie Flag in situations where it may not be completely appropriate!

  • Officially licensed Star Trek merchandise
  • Contrast stitching in the colour of your division
  • USS Enterprise command logo on front
  • Long sleeved T Shirt

Currently Unavailable

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